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Car Detailing in Brooklyn, Queens and NYC | Mobile Auto Detailing NYC

Our Most Popular Auto Care Services 

Rangell Auto Detailing is your go to auto detailing company in NYC, specializing in mobile car detailing services. Servicing Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, NYC. Our vehicle detailing services are tailored to fit your needs.

Wash & Polish Wax



Keep your car looking like new with our wash and wax. This special service helps to remove dirt and debris caused by NYC’s elements; the Wash And Wax Process Will also provide a layer of protection against further damage. 

  • Pre Rinse Vehicle

  • Pre Foam

  • Rinse & Apply Wax Stripping Soap

  • Foam Soap

  • Iron Decontaminate

  • Clay Bar

  • Apply Polishing Wax

  • Tires cleaned & Dressed

  • Windows cleaned

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steam cleaning_edited.jpg

Premium Interior Cleaning


Does your car need a thorough cleaning to look its best? Our team offers professional deep cleanings that can take care of any messes. Using top of the line equipment like carpet extractors, steamers and other tools to get the job done right. We remove stubborn stains, pet hair, and more - leaving you with an immaculate interior.

  • Thorough vacuum

  • Steam clean the entire interior

  • Shampoo & extract carpets, floor mats, cloth seats

  • Clean Vents

  • Heavy Stain Removal

  • Condition leather

  • Condition vinyl

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Servicing NYC At Your Home Or Office Location

Servicing NYC At Your Home Or Office Location. 

We recognize that your time is precious, and fitting car maintenance into a busy lifestyle can be a challenge. That's why we're dedicated to making our services as convenient as possible for our valued clients.

Here Is A List Of Our Service Areas


Mobile Detailing Delivered to You

We're proud to offer mobile detailing services right at your home or workplace, saving you both time and energy. There's no need to wait around at a shop– we bring everything we need, including water, electricity, and essential tools, to give you an unparalleled car care experience.


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Other Auto Care Services

Specialized Detailing Services

Ceramic Coating


A protective polymer coating, meticulously applied by hand, envelops your vehicle's exterior, offering robust defense against potential damage to the paint. This solution integrates flawlessly with your car's existing paint, creating an added hydrophobic barrier for enhanced protection. Schedule an appointment with us so we can protectyour paint with our coatings today.

  • Pre Foam 

  • Snow Foam 

  • Hand Wash 

  • Iron Decontaminate 

  • ClayBar 

  • Two-Step Correction 

  • Apply Ceramic Coating


Paint Correction



The procedure for removing slight imperfections and defects in the clear coat involves meticulously attending to the impacted areas. Our skilled team gently refines and revitalizes these minor issues, resulting in an improved and polished appearance for your paint.

  • Pre Foam 

  • Snow Foam 

  • Hand Wash 

  • Iron Decontaminate 

  • ClayBar 

  • Heavy Cut Compound

  • Polish 

  • Apply Hand Wax

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