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Premium Wash & Wax.

Add a shine and remove 50% of scratches while protecting your car.


Protection & Shine

Experience our Premium Wash & Wax services, delivering the ultimate mobile car wash experience in NYC. Treat your vehicle to a ceramic coating car wash and luxurious Carnauba car wax for a premium finish.

Image by Jaddy Liu

Wash & Wax

Experience a top-notch car wash that includes a hand-applied carnauba wax for ultimate protection.


The wax plays a crucial role in safeguarding your car's paint from the sun's harmful rays and acts as an additional defense against dirt and grime.


Thanks to carnauba wax, your car's paint surface experiences reduced friction, which makes it easy to wash away contaminants. And, as a bonus, you'll enjoy a stunning shine that will make your car look brand new.

The Process.


 Rinse Vehicle Off, Apply Snow Foam, Re-Rinse and Snow Foam.


Clean The Paint With A wash Mitt, Clean Tires, Clean Gas Cap And Badges.


Iron Decontaminate Remover And CLaybar To Remove Particles.


Dry Your Vehicle Using Plush Towels, Apply A Spray Wax And Shine Tires And Clean Windows Inside and Out


Apply A Carnauba Paste Wax On Your Vehicle


How Long Does This Service Take?

Our Premium Wash And Wax generally takes 2-2.5 Hours to complete.


How Long Does the Wax Last?

Carnaubas Wax Generally Lasts From 4-6 weeks.


Do You Accept Cards?

Yes, We Accept Card Along With Services Like Apple Pay, Venmo, Cash-app


Will You Guys Come To My Location?

As We Are A Fully Mobile Detailing Unit, We Provide Our Services To Your Location.

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